Today, I Still Believe in Love

The Oxytocin Chronicles

Today is Valentine’s Day.

Today, I am single. I have been in love, been rejected, and been ignored.

But today, I still believe in love.

Love isn’t terrifying, rejection is. Love is extraordinary; it is beautiful.

Today, I was asked if I still believe in love, to which I answered, “of course. How can you not when there exist so many fascinating and enrapturing people to fall in love with?”

Today I am grateful. I am grateful for those whom I have loved and lost for growing me. I am grateful to those who have stuck by me and nurtured me. I am grateful for those who I have not yet met who will also grow me, and nurture me, and be the light in my eyes someday.

Today, I reminisce on what I know of love. (Ignore my grammatically incorrect plural pronoun, I’m being inclusive)

It’s how the very…

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